The Guthrie County Arts Council met Tues., Feb. 12, 2013, at the Menlo Public Library.  Ten members and four residents from Menlo and Stuart attended.  President Lynsi Pasutti called the meeting to order at 7 PM, following a pre-meeting discussion session.  The secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were read and approved.

                Treasurer Ruth Owen announced that 501C3 (non-profit) status has been achieved.   Ruth thanked CPA Lisa Calvert for assisting with this process.  Ruth also reported that 27 people have paid dues for 2013.   Attendees were encouraged to distribute membership forms and recruit members. 

                Lynsi reported on the Guthrie County Tourism Guide meeting.  Our cost for an in the Guide, scheduled for publication late this spring, will be $250-$300.  GCAC could also advertise in the Iowa Tourism Guide.

                Gina Lloyd provided the following summary based on her participation in a marketing webinar from the Central Iowa Tourism Association:

(1)    Create marketing partnerships.

(2)    Link/package events so people have more than one place to go.

(3)    Make the Internet a top priority as 45% use it to find events to attend.

(4)    Use branding as people look for things that are familiar.

(5)    Create a monthly newsletter and keep it updated

(6)    Don’t let the last opportunity be a lost opportunity.  (EX:  Provide reminders of upcoming events for people to take home with them.)

Gina also shared the GCAC website that she and Lynsi are creating.  The site includes events, membership information, and pictures of members’ art work with links to their websites.  When published on the Internet, the cost for the website will be approximately $100.

                Phyllis Wakefield updated attendees on the “freedom rock” project.  The all-soldier memorial committee is not interested in changing their format to a rock.  Schildberg Construction Co. (Greenfield) sells rocks for $65 a ton. (The Freedom Rock is 50 T.)  Rick Buttler has no rocks at this time and no equipment to move anything this large but offered to help in any way he can.  Phyllis knows of a rock that might be available for this project and a formula for determining its weight.  She will contact the owner to see if he would donate it.  Bill Lloyd suggested contacting Dallas County house-mover Harold Bissell for information about moving the rock.  Possible locations for the rock included Riverside Park (Guthrie Center), Guthrie County Airport, and another location along the Scenic Byway.  The importance of visibility and accessibility to the Guthrie County rock similar to the original Freedom Rock were emphasized.

                Pat Sleister reported on the Beaches building.  The GCAC display in the window has been removed because the building has been gutted.   Remodeling will include floors, restrooms, heating/air conditioning, lighting, windows, and so on.  Internet and other office furnishings will be provided by the Guthrie Center Revitalization Committee.  The building should be ready to rent by May or June.  for $3700 per year.  A GCAC committee  (Lynsi Pasutti, Gina Lloyd, Marian McQuaid, Pat Sleister, Phyllis Wakefield, and Sheri Heiland) will work with the Revitalization Committee to determine what artists will need for creating, displaying, selling, and teaching.  Brick Imerman will invite Ken Laughery (Revitalization Committee chairperson) to speak at the next GCAC meeting.  Bill Lloyd suggested visiting Malvern which has a similar set-up. 

                Brick reported that the Guthrie Center City Council has not yet made a final decision about River Ruckus parking.  If the Council accepts our proposal, the project will likely require two five-hour shifts (one Friday/one Saturday) from approximately 3 PM – 8 PM, with two workers taking money and two directing parking.  Brick will contact the GC City Clerk to determine if GCAC needs to make additional contacts with the City Council.

                Suggestions offered for the Community Foundation Grant application included portable signs, a scrolling LED sign (10” X 3’) from Signarama for the Beaches’ building, and interior fixtures for art displays.  Gina suggested applying for a grant from Signarama.  Pat, Lynsi, and Brick recommended purchasing fixtures built by local artisans such as Tom Steinbach and Guthrie Center industrial arts students.

                Possible fundraising ideas for RAGBRAI (July 22) included pie, bananas, water, and Gatorade.  If GCAC is established in the Beaches building, we will be allowed to sell from there rather than the City Park.  A RAGBRAI committee will be appointed at the March meeting.

                Members received updates on Art in the Village.  Brick announced the headliners:  Brad Morgan, Code Blue, and Swing Time.  Each group will entertain for 2 hours.  Gina will contact musician Sherry Miles (new Guthrie County resident) about performing.  Dale Menning was appointed to emcee the event.  Lynsi has prepared the call for artists.  Gina volunteered to set up a data base of artists. Caterers may be needed to provide the food.  If the Wetzels sell root beer floats, they will need more help. 

                The next three meetings are scheduled for the Bayard library on March 12, the Panora library on April 9, and the Guthrie Center library on May 14.   Following the April meeting in Panora, the meeting schedule will be evaluated.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Menning