The Guthrie County Arts Council met Tues., June 11, 2013, at the Mary Barnett Library in Guthrie Center with 14 members present including new members Lynda and John Menefee.

The secretary’s report was read and approved; the treasury balance will be reported at the next meetingafter all bills from Art in the Village have been turned in.

The Art in the Village Festival was recapped. Members voted to send a $200 donation, the same as last year, to the Historical Village. Thank-you’s were extended to many including the following: President Lynsi Pasutti for her tireless work and dedication to make the day so successful, Menefees for the chairs, the beef and pork producers for the sandwiches, Phyllis Wakefield for scheduling volunteers, and numerous non-member volunteers who worked at the event. The ribeyes and hamburgers sold out. A limited number of pork loins were sold due to the rain, but members purchased the leftover meat and fruit. The remaining pop and water will be sold at RAGBRAI. The following improvements were discussed to make the event even more successful:

  1. Keep the event on the 2nd Saturday in June.

  2. Set up 2 donation tables directly in the walking paths to encourage more donations.

  3. Continue the extensive advertising, including TV (“Great Day” show on KCWI) and radio with possibly Brick and Dale doing a radio spot

  4. Put committees in charge of various aspects of the festival (food, advertising, artists, etc.)

  5. Serve just 1 meal, alternating each year between the beef and pork producers beginning in 2014 with the beef producers. Eliminate paper plates and wrap sandwiches in foil or paper for easier carrying.

  6. Simplify the menu (sandwiches, chips, drink; no fruit; 4 or 5 beverages with each one in a separate cooler).

  7. Put the beverages in the cooler first, then the ice, so cans will cool faster.

  8. Sell coffee and rolls in the morning.

  9. Keep better notes so next year’s planning is easier.

Debbie Menning will chair next year’s Art in the Village food committee. Other committee members include Ruth Owen, Marian McQuaid, and Lynda and John Menefee. Lynsi will continue to help with marketing and artist committees, with additional volunteers still needed.


Marian McQuaid and John Menefee presented their extensive research on the Freedom Rock project including available rocks, moving costs and challenges, possible sites, landscaping and upkeep for the rock park, a kiosk to narrate the “story” of the rock, and so on. Members voted to have the Petersen rock moved to the site across from the Fairgrounds, provided all parties are in agreement. The need to locate the rock on city property was emphasized since GCAC will need the City to maintain the area. Moving the rock before July 4 and/or prior to RAGBRAI as well as a specially designed donation sign, may encourage donations.

John Menefee suggested highlighting the word arts on the GCAC logo to emphasize it. He also offered to purchase a 10 X 10 tent with the logo on it to be used for special events such as city celebrations.

Sheri Heiland, Lynsi Pasutti, and Debbie Menning will set up a table at Stuart Good Egg Days and Phyllis Wakefield and Marian McQuaidd will set up a table at the GC Farmers’ Market this weekend, weather permitting. Lynsi suggested GCAC have a presence the following community celebrations and Farmers’ Markets:

Yale Parade (July 4), Casey Fun Days (July 13), Dale Valley Winestock (July 13), Stuart Scoop the Loop (July 20 & Sept. 7), Panorama Days (Aug. 2, 3), Farmers’ Markets: GC (Saturday), Stuart (Wed.), Panora (Friday in July & Aug.)

Artists are encouraged to use these opportunities for selling and/or displaying.

GCAC will sell hot dogs, root beer floats, water, and pop at RAGBRAI. Brick may have a freezer for the ice cream. (Larry Glade offered to provide the grill at the May meeting.) The RAGBRAI committee includes Marian McQuaid, Sheri Heiland, and Ruth Owen. There will be a limited amount of space for artists to sell items in GCAC’s designated area at Mitchell Park. Pat Sleister has also offered space for artists to sell at the library, always a popular destination for cyclists. Artists who are interested in selling at the park should contact one of the above committee members; those interested in selling at the library should contact Pat. Other communities have had great success selling art during RAGBRAI.

Brick Imerman and Dale and Debbie Menning volunteered to park cars in Mitchell Park and the surrounding area for River Ruckus on Friday afternoon/evening. Rex Schoonover and Sheri Heiland volunteered to be in charge of parking on Saturday.

GCAC’s Fall Festival will be Saturday, Sept. 28, at Dale Valley. Chad Elliott will provide the music from 2:30 – 5:30. The Raccoon River Duo may be contacted to perform from 1:00 – 2:00. Artists may display/sell from 1 – 6. Dale Valley features a covered, lighted deck. One suggestion to sign-up artists is to set a deadline for local artists and members to request space. If space is still available after the deadline, then other artists could also participate.

Several members suggested the following ideas for future events: membership drive dinner with a stand-up comic or Swing Time performing, a poetry contest, and bringing the Okee Dokee Brothers to the County to perform for elementary school children.

The next meeting is scheduled for July 9 at the Guthrie Center Library. Lynsi again recommended scheduling meetings in different towns around the county to encourage participation in other communities.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Menning, Secretary