March Meeting Minutes

The Guthrie County Arts Council met Tuesday, March 19, 2013, at the Bayard Public Library.
President Lynsi Pasutti called the meeting to order at 7 PM.  Nine members were present.  The secretary’s report was read and approved.  Treasurer Ruth Owen reported a balance of $5,992.29.
                Ruth also reported that she had submitted the Foundation grant and will work on the Alliant Energy grant, due mid-May.  Some suggestions for this grant included pedestals, computer, printer, tables, chairs, and possibly some funding to help with expenses for the Guthrie County freedom rock.
                Marian McQuaid provided an update on the Beaches building.  The interior renovation is scheduled to begin this week and be completed by July 1.  The Revitalization Committee has determined the rent will be 50 cents per square foot.  Another group is interested in renting the building and has offered considerably more rent money. Other building options include the former Open Bible Church (rent $300 per month + approximately $200 per month for utilities), Panora Pride building (rent approximately $500 per month), and the former Natures building, Panora (rent $450 per month).  Advantages and disadvantages of the various sites were discussed.  Gina Lloyd will request a meeting with the county supervisors to ask if they would be willing to allocate some money for GCAC to include a county tourism hub in our building.  Marian McQuaid will continue to talk with the Revitalization Committee. Phyllis Wakefield will ask Cindy Stanbro of the Winterset Stage for some suggestions about how to acquire funding for renting or purchasing a building.  Sheri Heiland, Gina Lloyd, Lynsi Pasutti, and any others who are interested will meet next week to determine space needs.
                Phyllis Wakefield offered more information about the freedom rock project.  Other counties have acquired rocks that are approximately 4’ by 4’.  When weather permits access to the gravel road, Phyllis will measure the rock she had previously suggested.  Other options include some rocks available in the Panora area and maybe a man-made concrete rock. Artist Bubba Sorenson weaves a patriotic story unique to each county in his work.  Members suggested three possible locations for the rock: between the former Open Bible Church and the south cemetery entrance, at the Courthouse, or at Riverside Park.  Keith Simmons suggested contacting Rick Holbrook about moving the rock.
                Lynsi Pasutti informed the group that the Guthrie Center City Council voted to allow GCAC to park cars at both Mitchell and Riverside Parks on Friday and Saturday during River Ruckus.  Volunteers will be needed to carry out this fundraiser.
                More artists are needed for Art in the Village.  Hometown Foods, Panora, offered to cater the event for $7 a plate (sandwich, chips, beans, coleslaw).  Before any decision is made, members will check with other caterers and community groups to determine if anyone else is interested in providing food for this event.  The Raccoon River Trail tour from Waukee to Jefferson is also scheduled for June 8.  Signs may be posted on the trail to advertise Art in the Village.
                Lynsi Pasutti suggested GCAC have a visible presence at Panora, Stuart, and Guthrie Center farmers markets once a month.  A motion to pay rent space for the season at each location (Stuart: $15, Guthrie Center: $20) passed.  Panora’s market is held on Friday evenings; Stuart, Wednesday evenings beginning May 8; and Guthrie Center, Saturday mornings from May 4 through Oct. 19.
In addition to providing information, memberships, and a donation box, members may bring art to sell.
                GCAC will also plan to have a visible presence at county community celebrations such as Good Egg Days (Stuart), 4th of July (Yale), Panorama Days (Panora), and so on.  Lynsi will have more information about selling art at Dale Valley’s Winestock at a later date.
                Fundraising ideas for RAGBRAI were discussed.  Because GCAC may not be occupying the Beaches building as previously planned, we may want to sell food such as cookies at the City Park.  In past years, because the library has been such a popular location, artists may wish to sell art from there.  Since sag wagons will be coming through Guthrie Center, bikers would have the potential to transport purchased items.  Pat Sleister will try to attend the local meeting with RAGBRAI officials to determine what their rules are.
                Members are reminded to pay their dues ($25) as soon as possible.  Since GCAC is now non-profit, dues are tax deductible.  Please send them as soon as possible to Treasurer Ruth Owen, 904 Brown St., Guthrie Center, IA 50115.
                The next two meetings are scheduled for the Panora library on April 9 and the Guthrie Center library on May 14.  Sheri Heiland suggested scheduling future meetings at the Guthrie Center library, because more members attend there than in any other locations.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Menning