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We aim to bring together the artists of our county, encouraging them in their talents by providing means to display and sell their work.  To bring awareness of artistic endeavors to the community at large by presenting performing and visual arts programs. We believe that art can enrich everyone’s life and by hosting a variety of events—showcasing the talents of local artists,  as well as bringing art into the community—we hope to offer something for everyone, providing opportunities for people to experience art without traveling far distances.

More photos coming soon!

Visual Artists:

Beautiful piece by Rebecca Scholl just a
Have you seen our shop window display_ S
Talented artists and makers found at our
Did you get your sweetie a valentine gif
A share from our recent Art in the Villa
Bunches of creativity at our store Art o

Performing Artists:

Chad Elliott

Chad Elliot


Dale Menning and The Stardusters

Brick Imerman

Brick Imerman with Code Blue

List of Members

Jan Allen

Eleanor Anderson

Brittney Arganbright

Mike or Jennie Artist

Judy Avey

Donna Baker

Cathy Ballard

Steve Bascom

Kelly Bast

Cheryl Batschelet

Judy Bauler

Dave Beidelman

Mary Beidelman

Clayton Benton

Donna Benton

Ruth Benton

Paige Bintner

Tammy Booth

Barry Branson

Vanessa Branson

Dana Buster

Becky Carico

Mary Jane Carothers
Jadeyn Carrick

Amy Cleveland

Vicki Crannell

Rachel Cramer

Critchett Music Co.

Dan Currier

Deanna Daiker

Tamara Deal

Jean Densmore

Saundra Devick

Brenda Dinkla

Kelsey Moran Dinkla

Bette Donahey

Lana Downing

Jan Dwyer

Alisha Erickson

Chad Elliot

Dennis Flannery

Gary & Roseann Freeland

Vicki Friedrich

GC Chamber of Commerce

Roberta Gilson

Scott Gonzales

Carolyn Griffith

Guthrie Co. State Bank

Annie Hall

Carol Hansen

Sarah Hansen

Joy Hasbrook

Ed & Mary Ann Haver

Diane Hemmen

Margie Herold

Judy Hilgenberg

Cathy Hinderacker

Sue Hjelle

Chris Howe

Kristin Howe

Rhonda Huggins

Darwin Hughes

Brick Imerman

Audrey & Megan Jepsen

Tom and Connie Jeschke

Linda Jordan

Laura Kemble

Scott Kemble

Doug Kent

Floy Kenyon

Tyler Kintz

Nancy Kite

Larry Kness

Shirley Konz

Pam Kunkle

Kim Langgaard

Shelli Larsen

Mary Jo Laughery

Renea Livingston

Gina Lloyd

Melissa Loest

Judy Long

Jennine Maas

Cory Martinson

Cindy McCarty

Marian McQuaid

Dale Menning

Debbie Menning

Carolyn Miller

Jen Miller

Bev Mills

Becky/Mike Moore

Mary Ocker

Charlie Owen

Ruth Owen

PEO Chapter PH

People's Bank

Ken Rasmussen

Joann Reil

Linda Roe

Steve Roe

Rebecca Scholl

Robert Scholl

Rex Schoonover

Lela Schwartz

Rose Seibert

Stephanie Shakhirev

Jeanette Sheeder

Deanne Sheley

Susanne Sheriff

Gene Shook

Karen Sievers

Donna Smith

Nancy Smith

Ron Smith (Kathy Ohde)

Mary Jane Sprague

Martin Sunds

Connie Tews

Jill Thomas

Mike & Cara Underwood

Roger Underwood

Janice Vandevanter

Jim Vandevanter

Nancy Van Meter

Emily Verdoorn

Barb Vaske

Jaime Wadle

Phyllis Wakefield

Luann Waldo

Cathy Warfield

Annie Weaver

Victoria Webb

Sharon Wedemeyer

Carol Wendl

Linda Wendl

Jim Wickland

Beverly Wild

Heather/Ben Wilker

Deb Wilson

Cheryl Wolfe

Sheila Woolridge

Christina Yates

Judi Zimmerline

Roger Zirkle

If you would like to contact any of our members, contact us for their information.

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